The Stranger

Title: The Stranger

Author: Harlan Coben

Publisher: The Orion Publishing Group

Imprint: Orion Books

Publication Year: 2015

Category: Thriller & Mystery

Rating: 3/5 stars

Hooked until the very end and unsure of where things are heading is what The Stranger is all about. It’s one of those storylines you can’t quite predict what’s going to happen as there are so many ways the story could turn.

Harlan Coben’s novel, The Stranger, revolves around family man Adam Price as he discovers a puzzling secret about his wife, Corrine. What the stranger tells him about her causes Adam to embark on a dangerous path of finding the truth. Does he delve deeper to find out what secret his wife has kept from him or does he ignore the information he has heard and continue with life as normal? All the answers lie in this mysterious novel.

Since the book is called The Stranger, there had to be sections of the novel to shed some light on who he is and why he knows things about peoples’ lives. Including these moments about him in between the main story gave insight into how this stranger could cause so much destruction wherever he went.  

It was great to read these sections but I’m thankful it wasn’t all about him. I felt as though Adam Price shone a little brighter than the stranger character. The fact you were as blind as he was during the whole mystery enhanced the suspense within the story. However, it did take a while to reach this point and I almost felt for such a short novel, it should have delved into the events quicker. As a whole though, I definitely enjoyed reading the novel. It brought a balanced combination of thrill and mystery, and if that’s what you are into, feel free to have a crack at reading The Stranger.

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Happy reading.


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