A Hidden Enemy

Title: A Hidden Enemy

Series: Survivors

Author: Erin Hunter

Publisher: Working Partners Limited

Imprint: Harper Collins Publishers

Publication Year: 2013

Category: Adventure

Rating: 4/5 stars


Find double the adventure and suspense in Erin Hunter’s second novel of the Survivors series. A Hidden Enemy has plenty of on-the-edge-of-your-seat moments inside a story that’s beautifully written and structured.

The established Lucky embarks on a mission to help his pack mates survive. This mission has Lucky test his loyalty in the most dangerous of ways. He has to weave himself into the wild pack, learning their traditions, whilst skulking away to give information to Bella, leader of the Leashed Dogs. How long can he keep this up before someone notices?

It was very entertaining when I read through this novel. You see Lucky, the lone dog struggle with loyalty, making the reader eager to know what he will do next. As opposed to the first novel of this series, I enjoyed this book more, as you do with the second novel. Although, sometimes it can be the other way round. Anyways, I found most character relationships were already established, providing more time to focus on how they could be tested. Not saying The Empty City wasn’t any good, it was just A Hidden Enemy contained much more action and adventure than the first one.

I am looking forward to following Lucky’s adventures in the rest of the series. If you’d like to read engaging and suspenseful adventure, than reading the Survivors series would be ideal for you.

Have you missed my review on The Empty City? You can read it here.

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Happy reading.



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