The Orchid Thief

Title: The Orchid Thief

Author: Susan Orlean

Publisher: Ballantine Books

Imprint: The Random House Publishing Group

Publication Year: 2008

Category: Journalistic story

Rating: 2/5 stars

For all those orchid lovers or people generally interested in flowers, The Orchid Thief is exactly what you are looking for.

Susan Orlean writers her story on an orchid obsessed man as he faces court over supposed illegal acts. He is known as John Laroche, a quirky and extroverted man who goes to extreme lengths to obtain his beloved orchids. Even going as far as pursuing an endangered flower, Susan tells his story and others within the setting of Florida.

The Orchid Thief is a story that combines history with journalistic reporting. As I read it, I perceived it was more a historical story than a journalistic piece. Maybe it was because either of two things:

  • That I’m not all that interested in flowers, especially orchids
  • The historic details can overwhelm me, so I lose interest

By all means, it wasn’t a really bad story, I just didn’t find the content interesting. On the other hand, I have to applaud Susan’s language. I could see she went to a lot of trouble to not only word it in a comprehensible way, but also to investigate the history of orchid collecting at such lengths as she did, was truly inspirational.  

Please do not let my review deter you from reading this book. I believe anyone who has a simple interest in flowers and even collectors will enjoy this novel.

If you have any feedback or comments please provide below or via social media channels. My twitter handle is @LucindaF34 so feel free to follow me there or on WordPress.

Happy reading.


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