Title: Contest

Author: Matthew Reilly

Publisher: Pan Macmillan Australia Pty Limited

Publication Date: 2009

Category: Science Fiction

Rating: 4/5 stars

Source of Image:

Aliens, monsters, a life or death scenario, what more could you ask for? Matthew Reilly, one of New York’s bestsellers combines all of this into one book. Contest.

Contest is a novel that is so action packed you won’t want to stop reading. The story revolves around Dr. Stephen Swain as he plummets into the labyrinth of the New York State Library. By accident his daughter is dragged with him into an ancient contest where they both realise it’s either do or die. Swain faces a range of monsters, some are large and brutal and some are small and ferocious. Together with his guardian and of course his daughter, they have to fight until one contestant is deemed the winner.

Reading this novel, I was engaged by all the action from one event to the next. Matthew did a great job breaking them all down, providing short interludes to focus on other relevant characters in the novel.

I’m usually not a science fiction reader as sometimes particular terms can go way over my head, but this story made sense. I almost didn’t feel like it was science fiction, until I read to the end and saw that Matthew stated it was. I knew there was aliens and monsters, but I was so focused on what would happen to Swain and his daughter, that the genre became irrelevant.

What I’m saying is, if you are the type of reader who can forget about the genre and instantly immerse yourself into a story, than this book would be ideal for you. My number one tip is hear Swain’s thoughts in your mind when he is placed in tricky situations. You’ll know what I mean when you pick up this book and start reading.

Fun fact- Matthew Reilly says the key part of reading is when you are “being transported, being taken away from the real world. Escaping.” I found this engaging quote at the end of my edition of Contest. 

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Happy reading.



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